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Being an Editor provides a valuable service to the Vehicular Technology Society and the engineering community. Your commitment and effort are greatly appreciated.

The task of an Editor often requires a reasonable amount of hard work, but following these procedures and using the online peer review tool can help simplify the job considerably. More importantly, following these procedures will help ensure that submitted papers are handled in a professional and timely manner.

For newly recruited editors, we are now working with a trial period of 1 year, where the editor can get accustomed with the review process and the workload. If this period is finalized without any issues and the editor is interested in continuing, the term is extended for extra 2 years.

The procedures discussed in the following sections have been developed over a number of years and represent the combined experiences of many individuals. However, as the Transactions editorial staff, readers and indeed the nature of the field itself change, so too will the procedures. Thus, this document should be viewed as a working document and as such, any comments, criticisms or suggested changes in the document or in the suggested procedures themselves are always welcome and should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief.


Purpose and Scope of the Transactions
Types of Published Items
General Guidelines
Overall Editorial Procedures
Receiving a Paper
First Review Cycle
Publication Decisions
Handling Revised Papers
Publishing Accepted Papers
Withdrawing Papers
Common Problems or Situations
Miscellaneous Items


The Transactions on Vehicular Technology are published by the IEEE and sponsored by VTS

Modified:  June 2017