JSPS A3 Foresight Program

AI-Based Future IoT Technologies and Services

A3 Foresight Program 2022 Workshop was held in Ariake, Tokyo.

An workshop was held as part of the A3 Foresight Program on 18-20 December 2022 in Ariake, Tokyo.. The workshop saw participation from members of all institutions involved in the project.

Best presentations in workshop

The following members were selected for the Best Presentation Award as part of the A3 Foresight Program 2022 on 18-20 December 2022 in Ariake, Tokyo.
‐ Soohyun Park(Korea University)‐ Age-of-Information Aware Contents Caching and Distribution for Connected Vehicles
‐ Hongchan Kim(Seoul National Univbersity)‐ Wi-BLE: On Cooperative Operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy under IPv6
‐ Kyungmin Bin(Seoul National Univbersity)‐ Balancing System Frequencies for Timely and Energy-efficient DNN Inferences
‐ Jiseob Kim(Seoul National Univbersity)‐ Vision Transformer-based Feature Extraction for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
‐ Chanyoung Park(Korea University)‐ Cooperative Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Reliable and Energy-Efficient Mobile Access via Multi-UAV Control
‐ Taegun An(Korea University)‐ CycleGANAS: Differentiable NeuralArchitecture Search on Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
‐ Hiroaki Hashida(Tohoku University)‐ Deep Reinforcement Learning-empowered passive beamforming design in IRS-aided Communications Without Channel State Information
‐ Rin Yamazaki(Tohoku University)‐ A Study on Latency Reduction with Different NR Sidelink Modes in V2X Communication and UAV Network
‐ Zhaopeng Li(Keio University)‐ Quantifying Machine Learning Models' Explainability with Reference to Human Strategy
‐Chuheng Zheng(Keio University)‐ An Evaluation of Information Composition in the Dementia Detection Based on Speech
‐ Mika Kokuryo(Waseda University)‐ Wireless communication inside robots using standard waveguide structures
‐ Li Ji(Waseda University)‐ Smart Glove based Real-time Recognition of Japanese Sign Language employing Machine Learning

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